About Us

About Us

Company Introduction

Bio-Station was established in 2010, we have striven to play a proactive role in life-science research. After several blossoming years, Bio-Station has become one of the leading distributors of biotechnology products in Hong Kong.

In order to fulfill the research needs from scientists, we offer a wide range of products including molecular reagents, antibodies, ELISA kits, transfection reagents, bench-top devices and chemicals. To facilitate the research progress, we also provide after-sales service and free consulting to all of our customers.

Our mission is to provide high caliber but affordable products to all science professionals. We are aiming to be the best life-science products supplier which help our clients succeed in their research projects.

What We Do?

Our products specifically focus on the following aspects:
1. Sample preparation
2. Cell culture & transfection
3. Molecular technology
4. ELISA & antibodies
5. Chemicals & instruments