RNAiso Blood-9112/9113
Brand: Takara
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RNAiso Blood is an RNA extraction reagent that can quickly isolate total RNA from liquid samples, including blood and high-water content plant samples. This reagent allows for a simple protocol; after cell lysis in RNAiso Blood solution, chloroform is added to the homogenate, the solution is mixed well and centrifuged to separate the mixture into 3 layers. The aqueous layer on top contains the RNA, the semi-solid middle layer contains DNA, and the bottom organic layer (red) contains proteins, polysaccharides, fatty acids, cell debris, and a small amount of DNA. Total RNA can be recovered from the top layer by performing isopropanol precipitation.


Using RNAiso Blood, total RNA extraction can be completed in approximately 1 hour. Because the resulting total RNA will be almost completely free of DNA and protein, it can be used directly in downstream applications including RT-PCR*, Northern blot analysis, mRNA isolation, andin vitro translation reactions.