Recombinant DNase I (RNase-free)-2270
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Recombinant DNase I (RNase-free) is an endonuclease that catalyzes, to the same degree, the random degradation of both single- and double-stranded DNA and produces 5'-P terminal oligonucleotides. This enzyme does not exhibit protease activity. This enzyme is stable around its optimum neutral pH range and is suitable for RNA preparation at neutral pH.

Applications :

1. For digestion of template DNA without buffer exchange, after in vitro transcription with T7 or SP6 RNA Polymerase.5)

2. For nick translation togather with DNA Polymerase I (Cat.#2130).2)

3. Making a DNA library for shotgun sequencing in the presence of Mn2+. 3)

4. For foot-printing analysis of the interaction between DNA and protein.4)

5. For digestion of genomic DNA before RT-PCR.