BcaBEST™ RNA PCR Kit Ver. 1.1-R023
Brand: Takara
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BcaBEST™ RNA PCR Kit Ver. 1.1 SKU:R023A 100 Rxns
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BcaBEST™ RNA PCR Kit Ver. 1.1 SKU:R023B 200 Rxns
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The BcaBEST RNA PCR Kit is designed to perform both reverse transcription and DNA amplification in a single tube. The kit uses BcaBEST DNA Polymerase, which contains both DNA polymerase and reverse transcriptase for first strand cDNA synthesis. In contrast to standard reverse transcriptases, BcaBEST Polymerase has a temperature optimum of 65°C, which permits cDNA synthesis from difficult and highly structured RNA templates. Bca-Optimized Taq Polymerase is used for second strand synthesis and subsequent PCR. This polymerase utilizes LA PCR technology for improved PCR length and accuracy. Random 9-mers, oligo-dT primers, or a specific downstream primer that acts as an antisense primer in PCR can be used for cDNA synthesis