MightyAmp® DNA Polymerase Ver.3-R076A
Brand: Takara
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MightyAmp® DNA Polymerase Ver.3 SKU:R076A 250 U
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MightyAmp DNA Polymerase is a PCR enzyme developed for ultimate reactivity. Because of its strong amplification ability, it performs well even with samples that would otherwise cause amplification difficulties, such as crude biological extracts containing high amounts of PCR-inhibiting substances. This enzyme allows the amplification of a wide range of targets from many types of samples, regardless of GC or AT content, or the amount of PCR inhibiting substances in crude samples. Furthermore, it is possible to increase specificity and sensitivity of PCR amplification by adding the provided 10X Additive for High Specificity to a PCR reaction mixture, as necessary. This enzyme is appropriate for use in hot-start PCR